Article published on Friday, August 5th, 2011
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Destiny Development and Huoca offers its brand new free-to-play MMORPG City of Transformers. Currently the official website of the game has been revealed! The closed beta testing of City of Transformers is projected for August 2011, with the official release of the game likely in the third or fourth quarter of this year. City of Transformers is a next generation MMORPG game that represents the alternative story of transformers universe. Placed in the world of a far away planet, Amicron, that formerly outlasted a bloody conflict against Quintessons. Conflict is rising increasingly more among the Army of Clones, the Alliance as well as Samas cyborgs for the purpose of control of the unexplainable Spark.

Through choosing 1 out of 6 classes of characters blessed with over 80 skills, a gamer can battle foes and protect Artifacts that preserves a great deal of secrets. The journey shows up in 21 distinctive regions on the planet, in which numerous challenges along with risks are waiting for the heroes. However, the primary interest is an amazing chance to stop by the Moon, and take a trip through time. Through understanding 1 of Spark’s secrets, a gamer can command transformers - one of a kind machines that strengthen a player’s fighting capabilities. The game features over 50 types of transformers. Two gamers can easily make use of them for a method of transportation together. For anyone who desire to gain game money, you will find 11 professions that will enable you to obtain assets and create various equipment, items, fine cuisine dishes, potions and in many cases their personal transformers. Gamers may also sell their resources through the commodity exchange or auction.