Article published on Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011
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Heroes of Thessalonica is entering the Official Launch on August, 8th 2011! Following many months of rigorous testing, Heroes of Thessalonica is now prepared to be released. It is a completely new version, with a lot more exciting game play compared to the preceding Closed Beta version.

To celebrate the official launch, and SGBase are joining together to hand out 500 exclusive White Horse Mounts that can only be obtainable from This mount cannot be found in-game or from any other websites! Simply collect the code below and redeem the code in-game! Be sure to visit and sign up for an account!

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Apart from the common PvE, PvP and also instances run, Heroes of Thessalonica offers features which have never been witnessed before in other MMOs.

Tower Defense is a game generally played on an internet browser however in H.O.T, it truly is even more than simply a mini-game. Inside a 3D environment, you’ll have to stop waves of elemental enemies from getting into a portal by eliminating all of them before getting to opposite side. You can build elemental defense towers to help you take the enemies down, however be careful, with each wave the enemies grow to be quicker as well as tougher. There will also be Boss monsters that show up for every handful of waves.

Guardian Arena is a superb team event. You start off in a huge rounded room with the Ancient Guardian in the center. Throughout the rooms are numerous portals, which is where zombies will show up in waves in an attempt to harm the Ancient Guardian. This event comes to an end once the Ancient Guardian is lifeless.