Article published on Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011
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Gamania Digital Entertainment at this moment is extremely pleased to reveal an exciting new musical escape in the skies, their upcoming free-to-play Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) game, Tiara Concerto. Details of the game’s storyline and world continues to be published on the official website, providing online players a glimpse of the mystical musical instruments which is used to fend off foes as well as uncover brand new dimensions. Beyond the game, Tiara Concerto’s research and development team has produced a whole new comic collection, Tiara Concerto Mini, that will come in weekly issues within the official Facebook fan page, disclosing more details about the musical MMO game.

Within Tiara Concerto, the players need to stay alive while attempting to bring back an ancient civilization. This online game boasts 3 diverse races that are available: Humans, Beast and Elf as well as 3 professions: Warrior, Ranger and Tuner. Tiara Concerto comes with a combat system with advanced skills such as the one strike kill and in addition allows players to simply start fast and well carried out attacks continually. The game has numerous levels which are targeted for 4 players and a champion (the boss) is waiting at the ending of each scenario. By eliminating champions, gamers can acquire key fragments to reconstruct the ancient civilization. There is also a social system designed to bring romance and love among gamers.