Article published on Monday, August 1st, 2011
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Views: 10889 and Suba Games is teaming up to giveaway to the Free To Play community 500 of Suba Games’ Bounty Hounds Online closed beta keys! Bounty Hounds Online is a Science Fiction MMORPG in which gamers control their very own mercenary in numerous worlds and also environments. Participants can choose as much as five diverse mercenary class types. The competent Trooper, the dangerous Agent, the supporting Bioengineer, the wreckful Artillery, plus the peculiar Scientist. Aiding the user will be the CTU, short for Combat Tactical Unit, which is actually a robotic pet that is able to convert right into a battle mech in the event that your tasks gets difficult.

The closed beta of Bounty Hounds Online will officially start on Friday, August 5.

Code Giveaway

How to activate your beta key:

1. Visit Suba Games’ Bounty Hounds homepage ( to register for a Suba Games account
2. Enter your beta key code on the activation website (
3. Download and install the client and get ready to play!