Article published on Sunday, July 31st, 2011
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Gravity Interactive, Inc. is extremely pleased to reveal the launch date of their hottest and well-known MMORPG recreated as a single player iPhone and iPad app widely available within the Apple App Store starting August 5th, 2011. The game is going to be free to download and free to play through the Apple App Store. Ragnarok Violet is an iPhone edition of the widely recognized Ragnarok Online that has got more than 50,000,000 online players throughout the world. Incorporating the leading Action RPG Ragnarok Online with all the convenience along with speedy game play from the smartphone we happily release Ragnarok Violet!

Making use of several original and exciting systems of Ragnarok Online, for example a complex Pet system, item enchanting card collecting, adorable costumes and naturally discovering the extensive universe of Ragnarok Violet, Violet pledges to be familiar but also brand new, and fun! Ragnarok Violet even offers completely new options for enjoying Ragnarok, for instance unique weapon swapping system, plus the item creation systems, Ragnarok Violet seems to have progressed as an even more pleasurable game!