Article published on Sunday, July 31st, 2011
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Sunnyvale, Calif. – Dive straight into the lovable MMORPG Luna Plus to get wonderful summer events and also updates. For a few weeks gamers may delight in substantial buffs, amazing experience boosts, a completely new high level dungeon, as well as a party matchmaking system like nothing you’ve ever seen!

Characters level 130 or above have access to endeavor inside the home of the Crystal King, who rules the Crystal Empire Dungeon. In order to prepare for your trip, Luna Plus has applied a groundbreaking party matchmaking system to help make seeking for parties effortless. A simple search interface will help players locate the ideal party depending on level and also location zone. Whenever time is crucial, the system will automatically bring together players to parties seeking for a certain class or level.

Luna’s impressive Summer Buff event helps make it a whole lot easier to start playing! Sign in to attain a buff of 20% increase to a single physical attack, magical attack, or physical and magical defense. In addition, take advantage of either +50% EXP for all characters or even a +100% EXP for characters above level 50. Those tremendous buffs will cycle every week from right now until September 14th.

For you to look at all modifications released visit the official patch notes here and also the Summer Buff schedule here.