Article published on Saturday, July 30th, 2011
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The Rusty Hearts Closed Beta has started at last! Everybody who has obtained a beta key can now sign into the game free of charge and also begin battling in numerous dungeons, progressing his or her characters, fighting in several rigorous PvP matches, along with exploring whatever else the online game provides!

In case you have not installed the game yet, please click here to get started. Once you have finished the download and installed the game you can sign in using your Perfect World username and password.

Furthermore, keep in mind that the item shop is going to be available throughout the closed beta period. You’re free to move Zen directly into the game and also experiment with all of the shop items. Even so, by the end of the closed beta, the servers is going to be fully wiped, and additionally no items you bought will be brought over. For that reason, your Zen wallet will be automatically reinstated with any funds which you have put to use in the end of this closed beta. This approach will permit you to test the shop items without losing any money, and will certainly help us to completely analyze and make certain all of them work properly! Needless to say, you aren’t obligated to buy anything, and the entire game will undoubtedly be available to you no matter what your paying status is.

Kindly visit the forums at to give your suggestions, discuss together with other participants, and perhaps master Rusty Hearts!