Article published on Saturday, July 30th, 2011
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Nexon America recently released the open beta test for Dragon Nest along with servers that have become widely open for citizens of North America and Oceania to experience the top rated action MMORPG produced by Eyedentity Games absolutely free.

To get in the Dragon Nest open beta test, gamers have to sign up for a Nexon passport ID, that is easily attained when you go to the official Dragon Nest website: In addition, the website includes every little thing enthusiasts require to stay informed about the newest game updates:

An index of forthcoming in-game events, which includes exclusive events transpiring throughout the open beta test:
Community forums
Videos and screenshots
Developer blogs
Guides to character classes, NPCs, dungeons and more

The open beta test enables participants to get into a multitude of brand new content, such as completely new dungeons and bosses, a guild system along with a higher level limit of 24. As a means of expressing “thank you” to every one of the participants who will be helping construct Dragon Nest into the very best game ever, Nexon will certainly compensate every OBT player with in-game currency that you can use to buy virtual items in the cash shop. Nexon will even treat gamers through cash shop items for progressing their characters as well as finishing other in-game activities.

At this time, servers are open on the East and West, and participants should try to pick the server nearest to their whereabouts for top results.

Releasing this August in North America and Oceania, Dragon Nest fuses rapid paced action having an appealing story plus unique artistic style, and will also be free to play. Dragon Nest comes after the tale of the group of adventurers as they simply fight the tainted dragons as well as their devotees to save Verathea, the once natural and exquisite world made by the goddess Althea.

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