Article published on Monday, July 25th, 2011
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Alt Shift, a youthful French studio has started the beta version of Besyde on July 25th, its very first free-to-play massively multi-player online game. Accessible on Facebook as a browser-based MMO and shortly on iTunes with the iPhone version, Besyde will be a "geo-social" cross-platform game enabling gamers to connect inside a virtual world concealed on reality.

Founded on June 2010, Alt Shift is a video game studio specializing in apps making use of geolocation to showcase game components inside a comparable virtual world to be able to spark actual encounters among players. Winner of the French Department of Research 2010 innovation contest as a result of this project, Alt Shift begins the beta version of Besyde on July 25th, its very first location-based MMO.

Besyde enables gamers to take part in the defense of Eora, a parallel world where creatures (the "anymas") preserve a tree of life routinely bombarded by pesky pests. The objective is straightforward: assist anymas to defend their tree of life and also the magical ambers that provide it strength to protect against the constant plague attacks.


•By saving the trapped anymas on the map
•By gathering geolocated resources to cultivate the anymas as well as the tree of life
•And by assisting the anymas to defend the tree ambers in opposition to the scourge.

The greater sum of ambers you provide for the tree of life, the greater it will fortify to protect against its invaders and gives you super powers and personalized distinctions. Collaborative geo quests will even make it possible for gamers to play collectively to produce even more anymas, discover uncommon items, and also effectively mature their community tree faster than the others!

Without a doubt, with the initial login, every participant have to pick a tree to protect. Some gamers will decide to defend a tree of life near their home; other people will pick a tree close to their workplace, or even the tree that their buddies are currently associated with. Ultimately, every person contributes, by means of their geotagged actions, towards the security of ones own community.

The private beta offered from Alt Shift is going to be restricted to 500 member accounts in respect to the first 500 fans who have liked the Besyde’s Facebook page (so be quick to register!). The iPhone version will also be accessible via TestFlight platform and shortly on iTunes. Mostly by yourself, this private beta version is going to gradually incorporate several multiplayers functions according to geolocation. For that reason, this private version is designed to collect fundamental feedbacks out of the community in order to evolve the game from the spirits of "social gamers”.