Article published on Friday, July 22nd, 2011
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Digimon Battle, the very first online multiplayer game in line with the Digimon TV show, is currently offered on the PC from WeMade Entertainment. Digimon Battle is absolutely not violent in any way. It will not portray any type of violent scenes such as chopping enemies into bits or blood splattering everywhere. That is a crucial social problem nowadays. As opposed to all those violent free to play games today, all gamers will certainly go through exciting journeys within the digital world and also get pleasure from taming their own Digimons.

The main characteristic within this online game is undoubtedly ’Digimon’, the persona initially produced by Bandai Group, by far the most well-known Japanese toy corporations. Digimon was initially made for a TV series through Toei Animation, Japan. Toei Animation is known as a very renowned TV animation production firm in Japan, particularly recognized because of their Dragon Ball franchise. Many of the numerous Digimon series had been viewed on network TV as well as on cable channels. Digimon Battle is a official game centered around the Digimon animation series and is extremely entertaining for Digimon fanatics. Additionally, the game should be an exhilarating opportunity to connect with others who have the common love for Digimon.