Article published on Monday, July 18th, 2011
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LOS ANGELES, Calif. – Indie game developer Online Warmongers Group Inc. just declared that their free-to-play online game War Inc. Battlezone has went into open beta testing. Furthermore, the team pointed out that the online game is currently accessible through the reputable digital distribution platforms Steam and also Xfire. This partnership provides gamers throughout the world the opportunity to enjoy one of the most real looking, breathtaking cost-free shooting games on the current market. War Inc. Battlezone is particularly among the few free-to-play (F2P) games offered via Steam, the world’s biggest online game platform having a lively user base of more than 30 million players. Steam included the F2P category to its platform last month along with a very limited list of F2P game titles.

“We have spent three months in closed beta polishing what we took years to painstakingly develop, a tactical clan-based shooter visually rooted in realism and focused on competition and community driven game play,” said Sergey Titov, CEO of Online Warmongers. “As we move into open beta, we want to get the word out to multiplayer shooter fans everywhere that the time has come to change their game.”

Throughout the length of pre-beta as well as closed beta testing, Online Warmongers witnessed over 100,000 participants coming from twenty three nations who signed up to the War Inc. Battlezone community. The involvement of casual shooter enthusiasts together with competitive participants aided developers iterate on numerous enhancements to features, mechanics and balancing. On top of that, it made it easier for them to set up a skill-based game play environment that isn’t susceptible to cheating attempts or falling prey to the pay-to-win way of thinking that plagues other F2P online games. Online Warmongers continues the effort and hard work by means of more community power in the course of open beta, responding to issues brought up by participants and positively getting them in generating content updates and also regulating the game for fairness.

Online Warmongers is partnered along with US-based [a]list games in starting a big marketing strategy for War Inc. Battlezone throughout North America, Europe and Australia. The move to open beta is essentially backed by the rollout of limited edition starter packages completely full of seriously low priced in-game items along side the 1st of countless content updates, the introduction of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) to players’ arsenals. The UAV update arrives following a number of major additions to the game’s feature launched in the final periods of closed beta. These consist of night missions with destructible light sources plus night vision equipment, the new ‘bomb run’ game mode known as Sabotage, and also abilities like command user interface and even spawn point control geared for the more competitve gaming community. Gamers can anticipate even more major updates in the upcoming weeks developed to move War Inc. Battlezone straight into an ultra-realistic simulation of armed-to-the-teeth modern day warfare.

“The experience Online Warmongers is offering can raise expectations and broaden interest in free-to-play games,” said Steve Fowler, GM of [a]list games. “They exemplify what’s going on in digital games, where the market is now seeing exceptional products that deserve ever bigger audiences, and upstart indie developers who need to have their voices heard in the gaming community.”

War Inc. Battlezone offers a high quality online game experience using an F2P model, as a compelling 3rd-person shooter accentuated by great production value and a vibrant, regularly updated collection of game features. Within the game, participants enroll in the status of battle-hardened mercenaries, stepping into a war show in which as much as 64 gamers could indulge in unrelenting action as well as extreme opposition in assorted maps and multiplayer game modes. War Inc. Battlezone additionally includes one of the most in-depth customization systems that have ever been made for any online shooter, in which players will get a hold of free and instant access to create characters having an assortment of traits and a broad range of arsenal and weaponry. Online Warmongers created the game working with the Eclipse Game Engine, an amazing engine made by its partner Arktos Entertainment Group to develop F2P games which takes on the experience that gamers receive on HD consoles.

Besides Steam and Xfire, gamers could sign up to War Inc. Battlezone right away through the official web site at