Article published on Monday, July 18th, 2011
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SANTA CLARA, Calif. – Aeria Games, a respected international publisher of micro transaction-based online games, unveiled brand new screenshots showcasing the town constructing game play of Golden Age, its looming free to play Real-Time Strategy (RTS) browser-based game. Golden Age is specifically licensed to Aeria Games for launching in North America as well as Latin America, and will also be developed in English and Spanish.

Golden Age offers a vibrant, in-depth reflection of the town-building element of the browser-based RTS genre. Where the majority of games enable participants to build a small number of structures, Golden Age gives you more than 20 robust buildings, all intended to nurture kingdom resources in particular methods. Gamers can observe his or her towns virtually develop and expand, because their structures adopt completely new designs after progressing to level milestones. Within Golden Age, various character classes supply different building choices for protection, attack as well as resource production.

Golden Age classes consist of these types of town-building advantages:

·Rhine Commerce Guild - Gamers obtain 4 additional structures that add to the castle’s production of grain, stone, lumber plus iron. Sell off or even exchange excess resources with other kingdoms.
·Ibero Alliance - Enhance castle protection using a extra facility that gives technology knowledge to get traps, pits, ballistae and much more, all exclusive for the Ibero Alliance.
·Knights Templar - Patrons of the Knights Templar class may construct a castle Arena in order to hire more soldiers for their impressive armies.

Golden Age furthermore offers a cutting-edge side-scrolling RPG-style town, in-depth real-time maps in addition to war simulators, plus a variety of quests and upgrade systems. Eager gamers should check out the Golden Age website to join beta testing: