Article published on Saturday, July 16th, 2011
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Gamania Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd. reveals a whole new online and lovable free-to-play game series Dream Drops based upon well-known fairy tales under Western tradition. Gamers journey throughout the real world and then stroll into a world of dreams full of fairy tales. In contrast, the plots of numerous well known stories appear to have been turned around. Gamers will find that their own adversaries that have been the sweetest story-book characters are now transformed into things outside of their imagination.

Dream Drops was influenced by popular Western fairy tales employing popularly known stories, scenes and characters. In the realm of Dream Drops, Snow White remains pretty externally, however she is certainly not sweet-natured internally. The Queen of Hearts is not necessarily wicked and conceited; Pinocchio has stopped being afraid and is increasingly growing more stronger. The personas of such fairy tale characters will be totally different from their stereotypes, not just being exquisite in physical appearance, but additionally they encompass astonishing elements which will definitely evoke a surprising impression for players. Presently within the final stage of development, Dream Drops is anticipated to enter public beta testing in the beginning of the coming year.