Article published on Friday, July 15th, 2011
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Seoul, Korea – Zemi Interactive, Inc., Korea’s top MMORPG developer and service provider of popular free to play MMO “4Story” has completed big updates along with the Aerial War day transition and also the launch of the brand new Gemstone plus level rewards. The update furthermore signifies the alteration of how Broa Warriors support nations.

Warriors of Broa can manage to secure the greater populated nation more effectively. Even so, you will encounter repercussions for selecting the better populated nation. Based on how much extra the nation is populated, the joiners is going to be given fewer honor points. When the Broa Warriors picks their supporting nation, they will be unable to switch its nation for twenty-four hours - what once was a week waiting period is currently a twenty-four hour waiting period. But bear in mind, merely the warriors having the highest honor points for each account may be capable of changing their supporting nation.

This method was invented to block out any attempt of abusing the game since the system previously allowed Broans to transition to the lesser populated nation to stabilize the powers involving the Defugel and the Craxions. Afterward gamers began to relocate their 2nd highest character, the phony Broan - to the rival side to enable them to switch to the stronger nation. 4Story at this point anticipates that this system will permit even more freedom along with sense of balance among the rivaling nations.

Also in the Broan update, 4Story has additionally released an innovative imbue system known as the Gemstone. Together with the enchanting plus magic attribution system, a whole new system will allow gamers to incorporate an extra attribute to their armors as well as weapons that will help make their equipment become more stronger than before.

Lastly, you will have rewards for every 10 levels achieved. The rewards vary from normal high quality +6 armors and even weapons to +15 thirty days limited items. Progressing recently became quicker in these updates.

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