Article published on Thursday, July 14th, 2011
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SANTA CLARA, Calif. – Aeria Games, a major international publisher of free-to-play online games, recently introduced the very first of its numerous forthcoming fresh content releases for Eden Eternal. The newest patch consists of the launch of the Zumi as a playable race, extends on dangerous dungeons and offers a ranking rewards system. The completely new features deliver together as an superb starting point for new participants and also extremely awaited end-game content for vets.

The 1st of a unique species of playable races, the Zumi happen to be a mouse-like being with an appreciation for invention and business. Indigenous to the unwelcoming desserts of the southeast, the Zumi created the pilgrimage to the central region in seek of commerce. Along with distinctive stat bonuses for every class, the Zumi will be vital patrons of every well-rounded party.

Together with offering a new race, the most recent patch brings eight-player raids as well as an expansion of dangerous dungeons. Perhaps even the most seasoned gamers will be troubled by the countless enemies they come across on their course throughout the latest end-game Heroic Dungeons in which they will require a party of 8 only to pull through!

Additionally integrated in the expansion is a innovative ranking based rewards system that monitors the top players in addition to guilds from every server. Every month hard to find and useful rewards will be granted to those gamers who rank well in the high percentiles of game play. The top 20 gamers together with guilds on each server is going to be given elusive and beneficial loot.

The content patch involves:

·The First of New Playable Races - Use the advantages of actively playing as a member of the Zumi race. Along with the inclusion of the Zumi arrives a completely new playable area known as Fergal Valley. This specific area happens to be situated on a cutting edge continent which will certainly further more broaden on the Eden Eternal world in upcoming updates.
·8-Player Raids and Heroic Dungeons - The Heroic Dungeons will definitely accommodate particularly to the experienced players who have accomplished current level cap, giving fresh challenges, brand new items and all new crafting recipes. All these new dungeons are arranged to an overwhelming difficulty not to mention that they are designed off of previous dungeons from the original quest series. The 1st is Angor Quarry which will revisit the initial dungeon that gamers have entry to. The 2nd will be the infamous Villeshark Headquarters recognized as a challenging dungeon, the Heroic Trial edition highlights new challenges along with a new boss.
·New Ranking Based Rewards - Evaluate your advancements with the latest player and guild ranks each month. Only the greatest of Eden Eternal is going to be honored for their endeavours through precious prizes.

Eden Eternal is an anime-style Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) developed by award-winning game creators X-Legend Entertainment. Similar to any title at Aeria Games, Eden Eternal is free to play and also does not call for a subscription fee. To learn more on Eden Eternal, check out