Article published on Wednesday, July 13th, 2011
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Sunnyvale, California – gPotato is very happy to reveal the update to its well-known free to play MMORPG, Iris Online, coming out with Tears of Arcana v1.20. Prepared to release on July 19th, v1.20 will launch anticipated features such as extended game content, several opportunities to acquire awesome prizes, as well as amazing new items!

Participants will need to protect Arcana once more, as the new dimensional rift has opened up discharging waves of crazy monsters from the depths. Parties that travel forth to halt the latest scourges are able to experience:

• Crystalisk, The Guardian of Light
o A tremendous colossal created by its gods, the powerful Crystalisk at one time guarded the territory as being the guardian of light. He now haunts the crystal caverns, previously being corrupted by the demonic rifts that troubled Arcana. Gamers need to group together to destroy this tough enemy!
• Sahar’s Gate
o Battle waves upon waves of monsters to close off the dimensional rift before even more can flood out. Participants will get ranking and points right after finishing every stage, and in some cases manage to acquire relics and mounts!
• Greater Enhancement
o Players are now able to put 5 item levels on their weaponry! The item has to be a minimum of +8 enhanced. Continuing with a higher enhancement is going to reduce the enhancement bonus lower 2 levels, however raise the item level by 5.
• World Map
o Players fed up with losing your way at every turn can have a World Map to trust in!
• PvP Queue System
o Players are now able to effortlessly get into PvP fights using the PvP Queue System. As soon as sufficient players have queued themselves on the battleground, the battle will commence!
• Level Cap Increase to 70
o With new obstacles will come new strength! Gamers are now able to progress to level 70 and also demonstrate themselves as Arcana’s most powerful warriors!
Throughout this update Iris Online will be managing numerous bonus events, such as:
• Weeklong 100% EXP along with 100% SXP bonuses!
• A 50% Drop Rate bonus from July 15th to July 17th!
• A 50% Enhance Rate bonus from July 22nd to July 25th!

Stay updated for additional info on the update, events, and also community activity by going to the Official Iris Website. And don’t forget about following Iris Online on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube!