Article published on Tuesday, July 12th, 2011
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MARINA DEL REY, Calif. – Gravity Interactive is pleased to release the big update for Ragnarok Online: 13.3 El Dicastes available on July 13. This 13.3 update is accessible to any and all gamers as a complimentary update towards the game content; signing up and connecting to Ragnarok online is free ever since the VIP system was introduced! No more monthly subscriptions!

The El Dicastes update would be the final chapter within the episode 13.x Update arc "The New World" that commenced at the beginning of 2010. El Dicastes extends on the storyline from the Sapha as well as their challenge for survival within the New World. Healthy adventurers can show his or her support and also get access to exclusive tasks plus prizes coming from the Sapha like unique enchantments for their equipment.

Similarly found in El Dicastes is the Scaraba lair, in which the Beetle-like Scaraba Queen along with her own Scaraba Brood thrive, hanging around in order to ingest mislead healthy adventurers that arrive unprepared to seize their loot. Quite frankly the strongest players ought to be the only ones to go into their lair.

Furthermore, thirteen brand new weaponry just for every third class adventurers’ happen to be uncovered, guaranteed to deliver power as well as respect to individuals who obtain these weapons!