Article published on Sunday, July 10th, 2011
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Sunnyvale, California – gPotato is delighted about the launch of Uncharted Waters Online (UWO), and in order to rejoice they are giving away a great number of amazing incentives throughout their “Newbie Sailor’s Events!” Presently going, all these events is going to allow players an opportunity to win marvelous awards like iPad 2s, the Nintendo 3DS, and wonderful in-game items!

Event 1 - Lv. 80 Milestone
gPotato participants whom created UWO characters and progressed them to level 80 by July 31st can win:

·[PRIZE ONE] iPad2
Top 3 participates who reach level 80 first will win an iPad 2!
·[PRIZE TWO] Powerful Package
All characters going above level 80 will get the Powerful Package. This exclusively built package assists gamers boost skill mastery and strategies.

Event 2 - Captain’s Best Guide
gPotato members who post informative UWO commentaries or guides through the entire website by July 31st can win:

·[PRIZE ONE] Nintendo 3DS
The 5 greatest commentaries/guides posted will get a Nintendo 3DS!
·[PRIZE TWO] Gift Ticket (5 pcs)
Ten randomly picked reviewers will get 5 Gift Tickets each. Gift Tickets provide participants a random item among 20 essential items.

For extra information regarding the events, kindly visit the Official UWO website at