Article published on Sunday, July 10th, 2011
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Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) introduces PlanetSide 2, the only FPS that could achieve unquestionably epic, huge combat on a level no time before witnessed in spectacular, awe-inspiring depth. Fights transpire not among a few troops, but rather thousands; along with air and ground vehicles battling against each other together with troops. Regardless of whether in wide open fields, tightly-packed towns or even massive buildings, winning calls for tactical teamwork plus a fast trigger finger.

PlanetSide 2 happens to be an MMO first person shooter placed in an online persistent planet in which the battle wages non-stop and the stability of power changes with every single structure and territory captured and gone. Gamers are able to uncover numerous combat roles simply by evolving via the skill trees, which includes a number of vintage roles seen in PlanetSide. Just as players uncover new roles, they are able to swap among them when needed. Link up with one of three distinctive factions and prepare to have an unparalleled massively multiplayer gaming experience exhibiting extreme land, air and vehicle game play in which the battle for territory is much more than the usual victory, it’s survival. A brand new day is dawning around the war-scorched realm of Auraxis and also the indomitable machines of war are roaring to existence once more.