Article published on Tuesday, July 5th, 2011
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9MM Online is the latest online FPS game released by Funizen. Its set to alter the way FPS is played throughout the gaming community. With radical weapon upgrades and gear the stakes get greater. 9MM Online is the revival of the formerly known FPS Mercenary Wars.

In 9MM Online, there are many game modes such as Team Deathmatch, Plant the Bomb and a unique Mercenary (AI) team Deathmatch mode that features bots. The bots can be adjusted to different difficulty levels from trainee to hero. There is also the upcoming Destruction Race mode where teams race to destroy targets. The game also features game points which is a unique feature you don’t normally see in other FPS games. One really cool thing about 9MM is its realistic ranking system. Private Soldier can rank up from Recruit to Sergeant, Staff Sergeant can rank up from Staff Sergeant to Master Sergeant, Second Lieutenant can rank up from 2nd Lieutenant to Captain, Major Captain can rank up from Major to Colonel and Commissioned officers can rank up from Brigadier General to General of the Army. The game also has a large collection of weaponry from assault rifles like gold AK47s to heavy machine guns like the Minigun. You can also blow things up with an RPG.