Article published on Sunday, July 3rd, 2011
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Seoul, Korea - Zemi Interactive, Inc., Korea’s leading MMORPG developer and service provider of famous free to play MMO “4Story” has introduced its effective launch from the new PvP content, the Aerial War.

Every Wednesday, 20 minutes following the finish of Sacred War, comes the war every player continues to be awaiting: The Aerial War. Since the second week of the launch of the Arial War, there has been two battles to date, and both wars were won through the Craxion. In 4Story, because the competition between your Craxion and also the Defugel reaches its greatest stage, there’s been much attempt through the Defugel to overthrow the Craxion rule from the Aerial Fortress. However, the attempt has fallen in vain because the Craxion effectively defended the title. It had been the Craxion who first treated the very first two walls and required having the three vantage points in the centre. Once in possession, there is nothing to stop them from breaking through the Defugel Kingdom. Not even once were the Defugel Kingdom permitted to recover the lost vantage points. Because the Craxion treated and get rid of the King of Defugel Kingdom, the triumph was at hands once more.

There’s been much worries and disappointments, however, because the most anticipated war ended within ten minutes. The war, that was expected to be 40 minutes, ended abruptly because the Defugel’s King was instantly slaughtered through the Craxion. Although, the Craxion were happy to win the war once more, they still were disappointed to begin to see the war finish so rapidly. It had been this moment when both Craxion and Defugel united in voice to demand reformation.

The event team, however, had been conscious of the problem because they too happen to be carefully monitoring the war. And thus, soon, hopefully in a few days, the King of every side is going to be more powerful than ever before they’ll be outfitted with lots of magic powers and encircled by strong guards with limitless summoning forces. The following fight will certainly be considered a bloodstream bath for each side.

For individuals who have no knowledge concerning the new war, anyone can take part in the war, but make sure to join a guild, a guild effective enough to hold a castle and request for the guild master to enlist you within the fight half an hour prior to the fight begins.

Together with the odd as well as even number war held every hour, the territorial war held every single day and also the Sacred war held each week, the Aerial War completes the cycle. It’s a perfect cycle and everybody ought to be asked to check out the brand new war, and experience what it’s like to possess a war 24 hrs each day and seven days per week.