Article published on Friday, July 1st, 2011
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Gazillion Entertainment presents Fortune Online a F2P in-browser online action RPG developed by NetDevil Studios! Fortune Online provides incredible graphics, real-time multiplayer game play, as well as an epic fantasy world by which to crush the undead and loot their bones. Accessible from any browser, gamers can finally jump into endless dungeon-moving adventures unencumbered by irritations like clients and downloads!

In Fortune Online, gamers can synergy with buddies to fight through massive labyrinths and dungeons. Rather than watching your buddies harvest their virtual corn - invite them to participate in real-time. Fortune hunters will forge epic armor, generate immense piles of treasure, and gain popularity among others because they fight harmful monsters for rare loot drops and heroic weaponry. In Fortune Online, the player’s character is totally easy to customize with extensive skill trees and awesome item upgrade options.