Article published on Wednesday, June 29th, 2011
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YooGames has introduced that beta stage of Warrior Saga has ended plus they are now ready to launch the official server! This official Warrior Saga server, the most recent MMO web game inspired through the Chinese novel ‘Journey to the West’, is starting on YooGames June 30th. This classic tale continues to be taken and reworked into an anime/cartoon style, chock filled with fun and cute graphics. It targets pet raising, battles and interactions. Furthermore, our prime quality produces a stylish style with amazing tales, promising that gamers will not be disappointed by using it.

Ancient tales spoke of a period when people resided harmoniously using the monsters, spirits and gods. About the evening from the hunter’s moon, an evil god brought his military over the land, causing a devastating war. Like a last stand, several elite players banded together and defeated the evil god, coming back peace to the land.... Now, the legendary evil increases again! Join a brand new generation of players ready to stand from the angry god once again!