Article published on Wednesday, June 29th, 2011
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Nexon just introduced the Dragon Nest open beta will commence for residents from the United States, Canada and Australia on July 26. That’ll be the time to start playing this free-to-play action MMO before it officially launches later this summer time!

Nexon held a five-day closed beta test a few days ago, and they have provided some interesting statistics in the event:

A lot more than 12,000 gamers in the United States, Canada and Australia with each other drenched nearly 140,000 hrs of game play throughout the CBT’s five day duration.

467,820 quests were performed by the savvy beta testers.

Adventurers killed an overall total of 265,873 boss mobs.

Gamers learned an overall total of 196,430 new abilities.

Producer Davy Garaix also pointed out the team is going to be making the empowerment system simpler depending on feedback from closed beta testers. Keep close track of the Dragon Nest site for particulars on how to sign up for open beta.