Article published on Monday, June 27th, 2011
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Nintendo President Satoru Iwata fairly recently revealed that Nintendo won’t be involved in free-to-play games. During an interview conducted by AllThingsD, Iwata said that “Nintendo is not interested,” pointing out that the “value” of games are being destroyed by the free-to-play model.

“I’m not interested in offering software for free of charge,” he said. “That’s because I myself am one of the game developers, who in the future wants to make efforts so the value of the software will be appreciated by the consumers.”

Despite the fact that Iwata confesses that free-to-play games are profitable, he discloses concern over them inevitably “destroying the value of game software.”

The free to play model has truly started to pass on over to the mainstream gaming arena though. Free to play used to be consigned to free MMORPGs imported from Asian nations for example South Korea, Taiwan, Philippines and Japan. Since the beginning of this season it’s been applied to several western developed game titles for example City of Heroes and Team Fortress 2. Is Microsoft planning to profit from the lucrative Free to Play market through Xbox 360 live?

Several news articles from various websites has strongly suggested that Microsoft will quickly launch a Free to Play platform through Xbox 360 Live. Underneath the suggested model designers could be able to provide Xbox 360 gamers with Free to Play game titles with micro transactions being made using Microsoft Points. Games like Team Fotress 2 allow gamers to purchase in game hats and customized items.

Microsoft is fostering new associations with designers inside a bid to bring free-to-play gaming to Xbox 360. Several sources connected to the dilemma say Microsoft is, behind the curtain, contacting designers to discuss possible free-to-play game deals. This is games that may either be monetised by in-game products or premium upgrade costs. According to Develop-Online, Microsoft’s 360 operating-system will add a microtransactions service, whereby-game products is going to be exchanged for Microsoft Points quickly.

The brand new drive for free-to-play may come as Microsoft positions its Live service in the center of PC, mobile and console entertainment.