Article published on Tuesday, June 21st, 2011
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Social games developer Atakama Labs is excited to announce the official launch of 8-bit pixel art RPG adventure Little Cave Hero on Facebook. With 100s of 5-star reviews from early beta gamers, the overall game has enamored fans using its unique mixture of puzzle strategy, city building, user-produced content, and dry humor. Atakama Labs is honored on building “games for gamers” which title provides. Referred to as “refreshing,” “quirky,” “hilarious,” and “impressive,” on media reviews, Little Cave Hero offers players a brand new fun-filled genre of social adventure games.

Gamers follow instructions from an uproarious mayor to rebuild an urban area destroyed by monsters, fetching the mayor’s mustache cream and saving his edgy daughter from the cave teeming with evil blobs. A huge network of caves give customers the opportunity to search through big chunks of rock looking for treasure. Secret rooms, trap doorways, pressure plates, levers, poison arrows, and one-eyed monsters await gamers within the labyrinthine mines. The progressively complex caves require both meticulous planning and quick reflexes.