Article published on Thursday, June 16th, 2011
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According to the official development blog of Fallen Earth, GamersFirst has acquired the post apocalyptic game and will also be shifting it to a free-to-play model coupled with a tiered membership system. You will see three different premium subscriptions which are optional for gamers (silver, gold and VIP). Fallen Earth will be another triple A quality game that GamersFirst has acquired following the acquisition of All Points Bulletin (APB) that went into financial trouble not so long ago and was revived successfully.

Content updates of Fallen Earth may happen more often and you are able to look forward to much more things being added to the overall game which have been asked for through the community but that have, for a number of reasons prior to buying, not been possible. The main focus is going to be less on huge expansions, and much more on incremental feature rollouts.

The role of Reward Points is certainly going to change slightly. Rather than as being a heap of points that you simply generate with time and blowing it all on a large purchase, we’ll be taking products in the Fallen Earth Store and wearing them on the Reward Merchants, and growing the quantity of Reward Points you receive consequently. The intent here’s that if you’re a Premium customer then you ought to be able to kind of have your run from the place without requiring to buy anything additional should you not want to. If you would like 14 pairs of goggles in most shade from the rainbow then hey, you may finish up getting to spend a few dollars, but that’s great news for all of us and our families because we obtain to continue taking pleasure in such luxuries as food, flowing water, and never being tossed in debtor’s prison!

The game is anticipated to be relaunched at the beginning of Q4.