Article published on Thursday, June 16th, 2011
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About a year ago, Moving Player studios released the very first real MMORPG to the apple iPhone known as Yslandia. Today, Yslandia makes its way to PCs as a free-to-play MMORPG. Dive in to the heart from the Yslandia world, a regular membership-free MMORPG. Using its innovative game play, carefully detailed graphics, as well as an addictive soundtrack, Yslandia continues to be rated number 1 in France for role-playing games since its release. Wage battles instantly inside a conflict where 6 races are competing for having several magnificent islands, each having its own unique qualities.

Create a number of characters from the large selection and attempt an exciting adventure! Through 100s of quests and regular ingame events, uncover a wealthy world populated by colorful characters and unusual animals. Explore, fight, trade and collect rare products for the glory of the clan! Roam Yslandia through hours of game play: many islands to explore using more than 200 entertaining and unusual quests, dynamic dungeons, 18 distinct classes to try, and lots of animals to uncover. Plunge right into a graphic ambiance worthy of the finest 2D MMORPGs, with carefully detailed graphics along with a revolutionary control interface using the first dynamic D-Pad. Be a part of duels, arena combat, battles, and tests, and explore Yslandia in PVP or PVE, alone or together. Find all Yslandia’s features within the complete ingame manual converted in 5 languages!