Article published on Wednesday, June 15th, 2011
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Sunnyvale, CA - Leading free-to-play game publisher, gPotato, is excited to announce the grand opening from the Prius Online Item Shop on June 15th. To usher within the release, an added bonus login event is going to be held offering an uncommon premium item!

With the help of the item shop, gamers will gain access to formerly unseen products, exclusive mounts, and gorgeous costumes. May it be safeguarding one’s gear from the well known PK’er, or driving style by having an adorably outfitted Anima, the item shop would be the place to go.

Alongside the gamers who sign in to Prius Online between June 15th and June 19th will get a free Leaf of Oblivion! This rare and effective item is actually able to undo everything learned immediately! The Leaf of Oblivion will totally reset all Skill Points for any single character, permitting gamers to study from their mistakes making their Adventurer the very best it may be!

Join Prius Online today by going to the website at and experience:

• Seven unique races having a total of 21 classes, each using their own capabilities and roles!

• Expansive lands to explore and conquer while you explore Prius’ epic story.

• The Anima, a companion and friend who’ll fight alongside even throughout the toughest of battles.

• The expansive power from the Gigas, an ancient force left out through the Gods themselves, whose unrivaled strength and convenience of destruction is going to be yours!

• PVP that includes a Bounty Hunter system, supplying gamers the means to search the most well known gamers, in addition to a team based Coliseum system.

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