Article published on Monday, June 13th, 2011
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MicroVolts is a free to play online multiplayer third-person shooter with dynamic cartoon-style graphics from Rock Hippo Productions, the very same game company that brought you Brawl Busters. It offers deep personalization options, tight controls, excellent game play mechanics and engaging social features.

MicroVolts characters include an array of personalization options. You will find two female figures, one male human character and a male robot character, which could be further personalized by their head of hair, face, top, bottom, hands and footwear, in addition to assorted add-ons. Every player is able to produce a character that signifies their own personality and elegance. Gamers have full access to 7 various kinds of weapons not tied to a particular class and also the ability to switch in between each one throughout a match. Learn which weapons are perfect for each situation and you’ll dominate the battlegrounds! Play 6 different game modes. Some modes will need a Microvolter to look after themselves yet others require each MicroVolter to interact smartly to win! You will find presently 9 different maps in the overall game, each having a unique theme, layout, and size. Fight it within the bed room, kitchen, gardens as well as entire communities! Some maps are fairly small, encouraging busy action, while some give a huge battleground and proper game play. With MicroVolts, you’re joining a great gaming community too! The MicroVolts team regularly hosts competitions, organizes forum occasions and interacts using its gamers through social networking channels.