Article published on Friday, June 10th, 2011
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WEBZEN Corporation. revealed that their MMORPG R2 Online is going to be formally released in the Global Game Portal, ’WEBZEN.COM’ this season.
WEBZEN opens the state forum for R2 Online and it is scheduled to hit closed beta stage on June 23rd.
CBT applications for R2 Online (Reign of Revolution) will be open on June 16th.

R2 Online is among WEBZEN’s major MMORPGs in line based on the primary contents for example PvP in open fields, GvG, Castle Siege to create competition and conflict among gamers.

R2 Online continues to be effectively maintained in Asia (Korea, Japan etc.) for several years. Additionally, R2 Online is known for its originality in excess of 100 unique transformations in comparison with other MMORPGs on the market.

WEBZEN has opened a teaser website for R2 Online and it is scheduled to start the very first user test of R2 Online in The United States on June 23rd. Furthermore, official global service for R2 Online is scheduled to begin later this season.

Tony Kim, Mind of Global Posting at WEBZEN stated “We will launch R2 Online as an upgraded version by updating new contents like International Castle Siege, compared to current version”. He also added, “We are planning to update an additional system in which players are available to use in-game tool for easy and convenient transaction. We expect not only to protect the player from ‘Black Market’ but also to meet player’s needs.”

More details on R2 Online are available in the official global website.