Article published on Wednesday, June 8th, 2011
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SANTA CLARA, Calif. - Aeria Games, a number one global publisher of micro transaction-based online games, today released details for a unique upgrade system in Realm of the Titans, its approaching Defense from the Ancients (DotA) inspired title. The permanent upgrade method rewards devoted gamers, and sets Realm of the Titans aside from other multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game titles inspired by the popular Warcraft 3 custom map.

Realm of the Titans is a match-based action strategy game that starts two teams face to face for control of an engaged map. Assigned with wrecking the enemy’s base first, each team utilizes their heroes’ diverse talents to plan and adapt in fast-paced, 5vs5 combat. The innovative Crystal system will make match victories translate to permanent skill upgrades.

Realm of the Titans Crystal upgrade system features:

·In-Game Bonus Abilities - Base Titan abilities enhance combat by providing some bonus skill options just before each match. Use Titan abilities to supplement your hero-specific abilities.

·More Victories, More Boosts - After each match, gamers receive Battle Points (BP) and valuable rewards, based on your in-game performance. Battle Points opens the Crystal upgrade system for Titan abilities. Make use of your match rewards to upgrade Titan abilities through the Crystal system.

·Permanent Upgrades - Available Titan skill upgrades include mana cost reduction, cooldown time reduction, range increase and much more.

·Personalize Your Strategy - Heavily invest in a number of Titan abilities, or spread gained upgrades across all of them, based on your play style.

Besides the Crystal system, Realm of the Titans has a treasure chest of recent features not present in recent DotA-inspired game titles. Gamers can anticipate hero mounts, a distinctive power-up system, another PvP map option packed with tricks and traps along with a cast of effective new heroes.

Gamers can try out the brand new system when Realms of the Titans makes its way into Closed Beta testing. Get a Closed Beta invite at the Realm of the Titans website: