Article published on Wednesday, June 8th, 2011
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Berlin, Germany - MAYN Interactive is very happy to announce the Closed Beta Test (CBT) for Xen Online is going to be beginning on Thursday 16 June 2011! Featuring cute anime-styled graphics, Xen Online is a totally free-To-Play (F2P) Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game with extensive community game-play features which will capture the hearts of both hardcore and casual players! The CBT is scheduled to operate for just one week and can finish on Wednesday 22 June 2011.

We’re working together with several MMO websites for Closed Beta Key giveaways and gamers who’ve skipped our CBT application formerly may get yourself a CBT key from any of our following partner sites:

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CGE Network:

The main purpose of the CBT would be to collect player feedbacks and simultaneously tweak our gaming system to focus on a worldwide audience. When preparing, we now have scheduled tons of activities for the CB testers with exciting awards and free gifts to participants who win. To maintain gamers occupied while awaiting the CBT to commence, MAYN Interactive has prepared a fun-filled forum and Facebook events for everybody!

Xen Online is a multi-language client where gamers can chat and talk with players from all around the world. It provides a huge game world with lots of maps, NPCs, quests and monsters for gamers to understand more about and connect to. Having a high progressing level cap, gamers may use Xen Online like a mingling tool to satisfy new buddies throughout their eventful adventure.

Develop your characters how you want to and personalize them having a free distribution stat system and 100s of abilities and costumes, your characters are going to be unique. Jam-full of exciting features like the smelting, housing, pet and fusion system, gamers are certain to have hours of fun in Xen Online! Additionally, you will test out your capabilities within our Free-For-All, Party or Guild PvP system and claim the title to be the greatest PvPer within the World of Xen.

So grab a 6-Slot Beta Key now and begin discussing together with your buddies. When your beta key has been triggered 6 times, both you and your buddies will obtain Mileage which may be used to purchase Xen Online cash products! There won’t be any IP limitations and interested RPG enthusiasts are welcome to try to get the Beta before 14 June 2011!

Visit the Xen Online Facebook Page now to get events and game updates!