Article published on Sunday, June 5th, 2011
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SAN FRANCISCO - Outspark, the place to go for MMO players, is starting registrations for that long awaited fantasy MMO, Luvinia Online, coming online this summer time and offering a peek at special content and activities in the future.

Luvinia Online, a very impressive game in China, is heading to Outspark Games included in a posting partnership with Shanda Games Limited in China. The game’s accomplishment in the western world, mixed with using the growing community and strong platform that Outspark has generated, are certain to spread the fantasy realm of Luvinia for an even bigger audience.

“Luvinia Online is a big labor of love, and we are eager to show players the giant world that is Luvinia,” explained Philip Yun, COO of Outspark. “This action-packed 3D MMORPG is brimming with all the monsters, allies, and challenges that you expect from an Outspark title and the sneak peek into the class system in the next few weeks will show players the multitude of possibilities their characters can have.”

The sphere of Luvinia beckons online players right into a realm where humans, orcs, gnomes and dwarves once been around in peace however, the future never stands still. The stars that once shined brilliantly within the humans now fade because the hearts from the other races turn against them. By using the Victoria Institute, heroes from all over the land will challenge fate to consider their weapons and fight for his or her land against treacherous intruders. Are you going to answer the phone call making your future within the stars?

Luvinia Online boasts numerous wonderful features that mix both intuitive game play and fantastic encounters:

•Choose from three class archetypes, with 12 subclasses for specialties

•Take part in a number of daily in-game events varying from realm battles to epic treasure search

•Simple mission UI with useful auto-move features are made in to the 100s of quests at launch

•Journey underwater and out into space along with more than 50 metropolitan regions to go to and 130 maps to understand more about

Register for that closed beta now at and join the discourse within the official Luvinia forums.