Article published on Saturday, June 4th, 2011
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Initially released in 2007, the online game formerly referred to as Hellgate: London was produced by former Blizzard employees who had once worked on Diablo. In 2008, growth and development of the overall game stopped when Flagship Studios filed for personal bankruptcy. The online game would stagger along underneath the proper care of Namco Bandai Games right up until shutting down its servers last year.

Now, HanbitSoft has acquired the privileges, T3 Entertainment is behind the controls, and both companies at this time are most likely wondering: Can Hellgate obtain a second chance?

The game has undergone many updates and improvements to prepare for the revival of Hellgate as a free-to-play game. Closed beta for that new and enhanced Hellgate has started in Europe and also the U.S. at 7:30 PM EDT and is expected to last until June 5th.

Individuals who are curious about the game should visit Hellgate’s official website at