Article published on Friday, June 3rd, 2011
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SANTA CLARA, Calif. - Aeria Games, a major international publisher of microtransaction-based online video games, right now declared that it had to open a fresh universe for gamers in Eden Eternal, its newest free-to-play MMORPG title. Substantial participation figures prompted Aeria Games to start a 2nd globe for gamers within a single day after Eden Eternal commenced closed beta testing.

Eden Eternal started closed beta on June 2nd. A crammed event agenda and countless competitions is anticipated to retain closed beta participants for that duration in the testing stage. Pay a visit to CB Activities for any record of things to do.

Eden Eternal’s characteristics:

·Freely Swap Classes - Start as possibly a Warrior or Magician. While you progress through Eden Eternal, you will learn 15 distinctive classes. As soon as unlocked, transform right into a new class any time!
·Assemble Player Towns - Aid your guild by building a bustling metropolis! Build several structures staffed with the assortment of valuable merchant NPCs. Sell your town services to visitors of your town!
·Dungeons & Bosses - Raid various solo, 3-man, as well as 5-man dungeons. Hiding close to every corner you will come across strong monsters, each even more ferocious than the next. Look out for unexpected ambushes!

Eden Eternal follows a gem theme for naming its worlds. Emerald joins the original universe, named Aquamarine. For information on how to participate in the game’s closed beta, interested gamers are encouraged to go to the Eden Eternal website: