Article published on Wednesday, June 1st, 2011
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Cryptic Studios is now a part of the giant Chinese free-to-play MMO developer Perfect World. Based on the statement, the corporation compensated roughly $50.3 million for that studio, and also got a 100% equity involvement in Cryptic. Atari was seeking to sell off Cryptic lately, keeping Cryptic Studios for only a few years since its acquisition in 2008.

"This strategic acquisition will add attractive game titles to our portfolio, which will help us further penetrate into the U.S. and global online game markets," said Perfect World CEO and chairman Michael Chi. "More importantly, Cryptic Studios’ highly reputable development team and its technology platform will further strength our well-established R&D capabilities. We deem this as another noteworthy achievement of our global expansion efforts."

Cryptic is most-known for free-to-play MMOs like Champions Online. The studio is having an ongoing development on its next RPG, a D&D-styled game titled Neverwinter.