Article published on Monday, May 30th, 2011
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Within the real-time strategy game WAR2 Glory, gamers undertake the role of the Commander who must lead the introduction of his war-torn city, expand into new areas and conquer the overall game world. To achieve success about the battleground, the player must guide the development of their city, and expand their military forces. You have a lot more than 40 different authentic automobiles from The Second World War available, you are able to implement the tactics from the second World War against an enormous map around the globe, and also you must use your proper abilities to attain victory over other gamers. Battles can occur on land, ocean and air. You are able to muster your forces and enter combat alone, or included in a effective player alliance. The graphics in WAR2 Glory have an abundance of detail along with a style that rarely appears in other online real-time strategy and city management games.

The realistic combat system enables gamers to make use of in-depth tactics that exploit the entire strength of various mixtures of troops, automobiles, air and ocean energy. This could allow an experienced Commander, who might be undermanned and out-gunned, to defeat a bigger military and achieve victory.