Article published on Monday, May 30th, 2011
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Dead Frontier is a 3 dimensional browser based survival-horror MMO that happens in an after apocalyptic globe overrun by zombies. Select between 19 classes and interact or fly solo to ensure that they are able to survive. Total missions, discover a sizable town ambiance, battle zombies together with other gamers with knives, guns, rifles, explosives, and a lot much more.

Dead Frontier is a browser based undertake on the traditional zombie apocalypse concept. A shady pharmaceutical business creates a query drug nevertheless all of it goes horribly incorrect. Quickly the planet is in chaos and gamers stay to take care on their own. You’ll discover a large amount of classes to choose from and game play that is actually a combination in between text & image based browsing and real-time combat inside a flash based town. New gamers are largely left to appear following on their own as there’s no formal tutorial. Learning from mistakes may be the preferred approach to learning, gamers should be ready to die frequently and spend some time exploring prior to getting their bearings.