Article published on Friday, May 27th, 2011
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Warriors Saga’s test beta server is launching on June 6, 2011! To celebrate the launch of this title we are issuing a gift package to the first 500 users whom redeem & use their gift code between June 6, 2011 and June 17, 2011! (One code per account) The gift pack includes: 3000 gold and 3000 vouchers.

Code Giveaway

Redemption Steps:

Once you have signed up and completed the tutorial follow these steps to redeem your gift pack:

1) Signup here:
2) Activate the game and finish the newbie quest.
3) Click the “Shop” at the bottom right hand corner.
4) Enter your serial number and claim your prize!

About Warriors Saga:

Warrior Saga is a web based game which originates from the novel . However, it’s a Q version which is more cute and lovely. It focuses on pet raising and interactions amongst players. Moreover, the game’s quality is very high with an attractive style containing an amazing storyline; you won’t be disappointed with this title. Warriors Saga’s beta launch is set for June 6, 2011!


Ancient tales spoke of a time when people lived in harmony with the beasts, spirits and gods. On the night of the hunter’s moon, an evil god led his army across the land, sparking a devastating war. As a last stand, a group of elite warriors banded together and defeated the evil god, returning peace to the land.... Now, the legendary evil rises again! Join a new generation of warriors ready to stand against the angry god once more!