Article published on Saturday, May 21st, 2011
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Hellgate is returning to North America as a free-to-play MMO this coming June! The MMO’s US and EU license was sold to Namco-Bandai after the original developer team disbanded and shut down operations. However, Namco-Bandai which co-published the game with EA partners decided to shut down their US and EU operations in 2009. Now it is Hanbitsoft, Redbana and T3Fun who are stepping up to the plate to revive this action MMO back as a free-to-play game! They will be reanimating the game for a global closed beta release in June.

Players will be able to enjoy this action RPG with a first-person shooter perspective. The game is set 27 years into the future where an ancient prophesy predicted centuries ago has become a reality. Demons have taken over the world where only a few humans are left hiding and plotting the next move to take back their world. Players will adopt the London Underground system as their safe haven protecting them from the hell above. In Hellgate, there are many classes to choose from such as: Summoner, Marksman, Guardian, Blade Master and Engineer.