Article published on Friday, May 20th, 2011
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Recently, a DC player volunteer had passed away, the DC community sent a request to Ever Dream Studio, asking for developing a new in-game class named after him.

Barbarian (IGN), a GH (Game Helper, a special title for player volunteers) of Dragon’s Call community, had just passed away due to bad health. The player community posted up a condolence thread for him and asked the game official to create a new class - Barbarian, in memory of this kind and superb GH.

Barbarian was the vice leader of Psycho Mercs as well as an excellent Game Helper in the game. He helped many players enjoy this new game, and had a very good reputation around the whole Dragon’s Call community. "I just talked to him last week and he was fine, he was still in ICU but fine. This news shocked us all." Destiny Katiana, the Community Manager, said in a sad mood. "I’ve known him for over a year, he was a body builder and was almost 7-foot tall and weighed 20 stone before the accident and dropped down to 12 stone" Psycho, the guild leader, paused, "And he was my guild’s vice leader, always remembered as one of the people who would have given you his last gold just so you could sign up for tournaments even if it meant he couldn’t." Then he requested to modify his guild name to Barbarians to honor his good friend and in-game partner.

Due to the difficulty of adding a new class, the EverDream Studio finally decided to make a new in-game NPC named with Barbarian. Also a new World Quest event will be held to memorize this nice guy.