Article published on Wednesday, May 11th, 2011
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Heroes of Thessalonica (H.O.T) will be having a Pre-Launch on 17th May 2011 at 2P.M. (GMT +8) and we would like to invite all of you to participate in this highly anticipated game. Client download will start on 16th of May at 6P.M.

Since Alpha Test ended; we have made several changes to the game, including an upgrade to our unique version of Tower Defense. Players now have two modes of difficulty to choose from. The towers itself now has elemental attributes added to its attack but beware though, the monsters are also elementally charged and will come equipped with elemental resistance, so choose your elements wisely!

Hero Mode for Instances will be activated this time round, so players can have more fun mining for relic equipment and weapons. Citadel of Archmage now has 19 levels instead of 10, with each level’s monsters and BOSS being tougher and deadlier than the previous. So let’s see who will be the first player to conquer the Citadel!!

Alliance Battlefield will be released in this version. Capture the flag and kill the enemy’s Lieutenants to invoke the presence of their ultimate Commander. Slay the Commander to gain victory and honor for your Alliance, not to mention the fantastic equipments that are yours to exchange with the medals gained from your victory!

Many more features are being planned and added every other day, so be sure to join us for this Pre-Launch Opening!

P.S. Characters will not be wiped for this Pre-Launch, so gain your advantage by being the first to play Heroes of Thessalonica!

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