Article published on Thursday, May 5th, 2011
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A few latest artworks for Dragon’s Call’s new instance were revealed by EverDream Studio today. The official release date will be May 5th, 2011, same as the new server: Orcmu (Server 7)’s launching day. The hardcore DC players who were complaining about no more challenges in the game will have a new place to go soon, since it’s typically designed for high level players.

On the other hand, this info might not be fun for most of the normal players, but it’s worthwhile to take a sneak peek at what the high level instance looks like. Well, curiosity kills the cat, Instance kills heroes, so be cautious! Alright, without further ado, here are the details for this dangerous map, including backstory and monsters intro.

Despair Plain
Instance Intro: The invasion of dark forces turned this place into the frontline of war. It used to be a beautiful plain in Disarn that Phio Alliance was very proud of but now it has become a wasteland full of blood and corpses as a result of the combat between knights and Dark Draconians. Disarn lost the sense of pride and life simply left desperation, who manipulated everything from behind? It was Depraved Mubarth who made use of dark forces to arouse the souls of fallen knights and forced them to go against faith and light, so the shadow knights revived in the evil form and took control of Despair Plain together with filthy parasites. Currently, Despair Plain is considered as a nightmare of all creatures. Moreover, it seems that Mubarth is planning to launch attacks on Yaseen. What a big misfortune! All combatants are former heroes who died for the country.

Instance Scale: Medium
Estimated Time to Run Through: 25-35 minutes
Monster Level Range: 121-125
Dropped Equipment Level Range: 121-127
Minimum Level to Enter: 117
Layer: 3
Boss: 3
Main Boss: 1
Branch Boss: 2

Branch Boss: Shadow Knight Wallace (Level 124, Human Knight, Warrior)
He used to be the leader of Glancer Knighthood and died in Despair Plain. His great strength drew the attention of Depraved Mubarth, so his soul was controlled by the evil and he became a degenerated shadow knight. He swears to kill every creature who intends to enter Despair Plain.

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