Article published on Monday, May 2nd, 2011
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Xyologic, a group that gives statistical estimates of the number of downloads generated each month from the Apple App Store has conclusive data that shows Apple’s termination of apps that induce downloads of other apps could hurt the company. Is Apple’s decision to increase fairness and app quality a bad move?

Lets take a look at the information below:

Game publishers for the iPhone are faced with consumers who expect their games either to be free or cost much less than console games. For example, 80.8 percent of all iPhone downloads in the U.S. were free in March, according to the Xyologic database. The traditional console gaming industry model where consumers pay $40 for a game is challenged. Almost all paid games are priced below $3.99. Both the console and portable gaming industries - in particular Nintendo DS and Sony Playstation Portable - are being hit as industry analysts observe. In spite of the lower price points, mobile gaming is still booming and is attracting developers and investors alike. Mobile Analytics Company Flurry estimated this month that the iOS and Android share of the U.S. Video Game industry’s revenue was 8 percent or more than $800 million in 2010.

However, some companies , like mobile phone networks, offer their customers free games, themes, music and apps. Many networks, such as the UK site sometimes offer good perks to their customers, so it is worth looking for the best provider, if you are interested in free or cheaper downloadable games.

In-app purchases are driving revenue for game publishers. At the same time, a number of app publishers and investors have moved away from the paid app model and toward free games with in-app purchases. When Apple released iOS 3.0 in June 2009, it enabled game developers to embrace the same "free-to-play" business model that fueled the growth of social gaming on Facebook. In this model, companies offer their games for free, but they charge real money for virtual currency or goods such as weapons. Free-to-play games attract a wider audience than those that require an upfront payment.

The top 10 free-to-play game publishers for the iPhone for March 2011 were:
1. Glu
2. Pocket Gems
3. TeamLava
4. Craneball Studios
5. Gameview Studios
6. Sunstorm Interactive
7. Capcom Interactive
8. Backflip Studios
9. Storm8
10. BayView Labs

For the whitepaper (PDF) from Xyologic click here.