Article published on Friday, April 29th, 2011
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SECRET, a new Korean girl group made up of four adorable girls have been selected to endorse the first fishing MMO titled Grand Mer in Korea. It’s no secret that the Korean wave is spreading across the world, but will it be a huge success in virtual worlds too? We have seen it before with the game Aion which was endorsed by Korean pop band sensation Wonder Girls in Korea. The game even offered Wonder Girls dance emote, items and more to its players. In 2008, Girls Generation, a nine-member South Korean girl group was selected to promote Nexon games such as Mabinogi:

Now the craze continues with a new free-to-play fishing MMO being endorsed by the new South Korean girl group called SECRET. In January, we released news that Redbana partnered with T3 Entertainment (Hanbitsoft) to bring Grand Mer to North America. A wallpaper of the members titled Secret was released on the Grand Mer website. The members of SECRET are: leader Jun Hyo Sung, rapper Zinger, vocalist Song Ji Eun and vocalist Han Sunhwa.

Check out their live "Shy Boy" performance. This song is catchy!

Grand Mer is currently being developed for North American release. Here are a few Korean commercials about the game with the group!