Article published on Wednesday, April 27th, 2011
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Greater Los Angeles, CALIF., April 27, 2011 - The official website of F2P Expo has been revealed today in hopes to capture support from the free-to-play (F2P) game community. The annual event is designed to draw thousands of gamers who want to learn about the latest free online games and to interact with the game companies for free. We are asking all gamers with a passion for free-to-play games to help shape the first annual F2P Expo by taking our survey at ( The future venue will be open to the public (FREE of admission costs) and will feature the famous item mall attraction that many online gamers are familiar with. The item mall will be a marketplace within the venue where game companies can open a store to sell merchandise (such as souvenirs, toys, cosplay items, game points, gift bags, starter kits, and more) to those attending. All game companies that provide microtransaction-based free online games are invited to create the very first video game expo for the emerging free-to-play market in North America. Applications for exhibitors and sponsors are currently open on the website so be sure to apply!

F2P Expo representative Jerry Tran states, "This won’t be another video game expo that tries to cover everything in the market. Each year, F2P Expo will be home to game companies who want to premiere their latest free-to-play games or related goods. We truly believe in this game business and that is why you will not be charged for admission like other video game conventions are doing. Instead, we are designing the expo to collect funds from other places like our item mall attraction and sponsors."

With the intention to place the industry under the mainstream spotlight, there will be prize tournaments, contests, special performances, giveaways and other sponsored events so stay tuned!

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About F2P Expo
F2P Expo is a multi-day trade show for the free-to-play game industry that is designed to mirror the free-to-play business model. Our goal is to provide a free venue open to the public for gamers who want learn about the latest free online games. We are here to build hype for this market through tailored-made competitions, tournaments, contests, giveaways and other attractions that will make thousands of gamers flocking to this event and millions of people tuning in at home.