Article published on Tuesday, April 26th, 2011
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Seoul. Korea - BAG Entertainment, the new owner of the oriental martial art fantasy MMORPG Sho Online, has revealed its first episode called The Beginning of Chaos trilogy: Sign in its official homepage as the update is scheduled to go live on April 21, 2011 in the Korean version Sho Onlline and sometime in the mid May for global Sho Online (

The Beginning of Chaos trilogy will consist of Sign, Chaos, and Darkness and Sign will mark the beginning of the trilogy. Detail of the update will be available in English in

The main focus of The Beginning of Chaos - Sign will be adjusting balance between levels along with the new equipment updates for level 88 ~ 92. Also new zones in the northern area called Enchanted Mountain(Lv93~Lv94)’ and Perished Village(Lv95~96) fields and ‘Cliff of Four Sins - Madness(火)’ dungeon will be added. In the new zone, a total of 10 new monsters will be introduced for a formidable game play experience. Many of the contents to be updated in this version are brand new and were never seen before in the previous Sho Online as it strives for renewal.

To honor the grand update, a total of 5 events are being planned. GMs will summon boss monsters in the castle of Zhou and Yin in the ‘Monster Invasion’ event. Additionally, King of Cash award will be given to the highest paying user in the King of Cash event. Also, a special item will be given to users who succeed in plusing any item up to 15. For all returning users, a special set item will be given to players who haven’t logged on for a long time in the Return of the Legend event. Finally, users will receive buffs using the items dropped by monsters in the Special Buffing event.

As Sho Online Project Manger Mr. Choi in charge of the trilogy of The Beginning of Chaos prepares the upcoming Chaos and Darkness episode, promises an enjoyable user experience to those long time loyal players of Sho Onlline.