Article published on Saturday, April 23rd, 2011
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Faxion’s biggest update ever is now live!

Faxion 1.52 is live and it’s our biggest patch to date! Log in today and check out these new features:

Sin Nexus in Purgatory City
Advancement through Conquests
Faith Vendors
Faxion Bar UI
Conquering Limbo
Tons of other updates, bug fixes, and tweaks came along with the new patch, so jump in and check out the new and improved Faxion now! Full details are up on the Faxion Online forums.

Easter weekend in-game event: Epic Bunny Ears!
We heard Easter is a fairly religious holiday, so we figured we’d do something special for the Faxion community. Starting tomorrow (Friday) through Easter Sunday night, your friendly neighborhood Puck will be personally handing out two pieces of Epic loot throughout the weekend: Easter Bunny ears and tails!

Be sure to watch the Epic Bunny Ears forum thread to stay up-to-date with Puck’s in-game schedule so you can score your own Epic bunny gear!

We (Still) Know Conflict

Behold the newest edition of our "We Know Conflict" series -- more evidence that the Faxion Online team understands PvP at its core. Who will come out on top in the eternal struggle of Pirates vs. Ninjas?