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Event Time: 4.19.2010 – 5.19.2011

The starter kit includes
1000 Silvers;
500 Forage;
10000 Soliders;
500 Honors;
3 MCU;

Guide on how to use Starter kit
Login to Warflow, go to "Gifts" in the game, enter the gift code you got from our site, then click "Receive" to get the reward

Code Giveaway

The code is valid until May 19th.

About WarFlow

The game is set in an ancient land. People are suffering from years of war between three nations. Gamers will play heroes to save this land of chaos. The game is a browser based city building and real time strategy game based on an ancient land. Besides the magnificent architecture, the variable combinations of glorious troops, the meticulous economic and item refining system, and a whole long-lasting ancient culture background, are all lying underneath the surface awaiting players to explore. An absolutely addictive RTS browser game.

Developer: Dovogame
Publisher: EverDream Studio

About Us

EverDream Studio was founded in 2008 as a small independent studio and then expanded itself into a much bigger one in 2010. Now we become a globalized team with more than 80 people and concentrating on browser-based game development. What is more, a cutting-edge gaming platform is on our schedule and we intend to become a significant role in all the major gaming markets worldwide.

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